1 PERSON- 300 TL


Departure Points and Hours:

  • Trabzon: Square office front. TİME: 09:30
  • Hamsikoy: In front of the restaurant. Time: 17.00

Would you like to see the gigantic structure, which is the secret of Greek architecture, built on stone rocks with our package tour? Sumela Monastery, which enriches the Black Sea culture with its Greek culture, awaits your visit. Well, how would you like to taste Hamsiköy Rice Pudding from the Black Sea Cuisine? Let’s reach heights with Mount Zigana. Let’s take a look at the fascinating natural structure of stalactites and stalagmites in Karaca Cave.

What's in our Daily Package tour?

Action Points
  • Sumela Monastery View Hill
  • Zigana Mountain lunch break
  • Karaca Cave
  • Pestil Köme Factory Outlet
  • Hamsikoy Rice Pudding Break
  • Torul Glass Observation Terrace


Important notes about the tour
  • Our tour vehicles will be arranged according to the number of participants and will be made with tour vehicles of 15 – 29 – 46 people.
  • Our daily tours have definite departures.
  • The right, left or aisle, window side guarantee and seat guarantee are not given in the vehicle layout plan.
  • Vehicle make and model are not specified. The agency can change the vehicle when necessary.
  • Our staff has the right to change the program flow according to the weather and road conditions.


We offer Trabzon daily tour service with the best price guarantee. Explore the East Black Sea!

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