1 PERSON - 375 TL


Departure Points and Hours:

  • Trabzon: Square office front. Time: 09:00
  • Huser yaylası: Restoran önü. TİME: 22:30

Our vehicle departs in front of the square office at 09:00 in the morning. During our journey, we arrive at Çamlıhemşin, our first route, with the unique beauty of the Fırtına valley. Çamlıhemşin is a natural wonder region with a population of 2500 in Rize. Here we take a 15-minute break. Our second route is Tar Stream cloud waterfall. After a 20-minute walk, we reach the Bulut waterfall, which is the highest waterfall in Turkey. It is almost impossible to see the entire waterfall, which falls in four stages from a height of approximately 250 meters. After a half-hour break here, our third route is Ayder Plateau. Here, too, we take a 45-minute lunch break. Those who wish can eat and visit Ayder Plateau, which is a unique natural wonder.

Our fourth route is Avusor Plateau. It is one of the plateaus in Rize Çamlıhemşin that makes you feel like you have come to a different world as soon as you arrive. As you wind your way up the winding roads by the creek, a peace of mind begins to fill you. When you go to the plateau and meet the Kaçkars, this peace increases exponentially. The altitude of the plateau is 2400 meters. Here, after half an hour of free time, we arrive at our last route, Huser Plateau. The altitude of our plateau is 2600 meters. We give 1 hour of free time in front of the unique cloud sea. While watching the cloud sea and swinging towards the clouds with the unique swing pleasure, those who wish can immortalize this moment with many photo frames. And in the company of Tulum, we finish this beautiful tour in Trabzon, our destination.

What's included in our daily Pokut plateau tour?

Action Points
  • You can eat muhlama against the magnificent view of the plateau.
  • You can hike to Sal Plateau, which is about 3-4 km away.
  • You can go to the spring, which you can reach with a short walk, and drink the ice-cold water directly from the source.
  • You can stop by Mola in Plato, a pension located on the lower side, and swing against infinity on the swing in its garden.
  • If you are confident in your fitness, you can hike to Hazindak Plateau, which is 15 km away.


Important notes about the tour
  • Our tour vehicles will be arranged according to the number of participants and will be made with tour vehicles of 15 – 29 – 46 people.
  • Our daily tours have definite departures.
  • The right, left or aisle, window side guarantee and seat guarantee are not given in the vehicle layout plan.
  • Vehicle make and model are not specified. The agency can change the vehicle when necessary.
  • Our staff has the right to change the program flow according to the weather and road conditions.


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