Elevit Highland Tour


ELEvit highland tour

1 PERSON - 350 TL


Departure Points and Hours:

  • Trabzon: Square office front. Time: 08:00
  • Rize Elevit Plateau. Time: 17:00

At 08:00 in the morning, we depart from Trabzon Atatürk Area (Square) in front of our AKRA Tourism Agency for the Elevit plateau and Çat tour. After picking up our guests from Çayeli, Pazar, Ardeşen, districts along the Black Sea coastal road, we enter the Fırtına Valley and first we take a zipline break in Timisvat. We arrive at Koboş Bridge after our tour along Fırtına Creek. We have the opportunity to photograph the valley during our 25-minute break at the Koboş Bridge.

As our journey continues with the shimmering sound of the stream among the heavenly green and fragrant pine forests on the Çat valley, we arrive at Şenyuva (Çinçiva) Village, where TV series and movies are shot in the Black Sea region. We take a 20-minute photo break here with the magnificent view of the single-arched Çinçiva bridge, formerly known as Çinçiva. We continue on our way by getting on our vehicle that is waiting for us in the village and we reach the Zil castle. After taking a break for half an hour in Zilkale, we come to the boxwood forest. After completing our boxwood tour, we set out for the Elevit plateau and Elevit plateau, which is between the roofs of two streams, greets us with its unique beauty among the pine trees.

We start our walk in the tafteni neighborhood of the plateau and continue from the ser neighborhood and come to the place where the famous bridge is. Our guests can enter the creek and cool off, if they wish, they can take pictures on the bridge. After taking a break for approximately one and a half hours on the plateau, we set out for the Çat Çilanç Bridge, and when we reach the bridge, we end our tour by walking around the bridge and the green area on the other side of the bridge, and we return to the road.

What's included in our daily Elevit plateau tour?

Action Points
  • Camlihemsin
  • Storm Valley
  • Ortan Bridge
  • Palovit Waterfall
  • Bell Castle
  • Boxwood Forests
  • Roof Bridge
  • Elevit Plateau


Important notes about the tour
  • Our tour vehicles will be arranged according to the number of participants and will be made with tour vehicles of 15 – 29 – 46 people.
  • Our daily tours have definite departures.
  • The right, left or aisle, window side guarantee and seat guarantee are not given in the vehicle layout plan.
  • Vehicle make and model are not specified. The agency can change the vehicle when necessary.
  • Our staff has the right to change the program flow according to the weather and road conditions.


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